PlayLyrix has been discontinued, sorry


PlayLyrix was written in 2005 to search a user's iTunes collection and automatically create a new playlist of all the songs whose lyrics contained specified words or phrases. This worked by searching one or more online lyrics sites for the lyrics to each song in the playlist.

The goal was to make it easy to create playlists of songs whose lyrics reflected particular moods or themes. For example, you could make a new playlist of all of your songs that contained the words "horse" or "cowboy". PlayLyrix would also create a list of songs containing the specified lyrics, including songs not in the user's iTunes library, with links to the iTunes music store for purchase.

I removed this from the market because:

  1. Sales were very slow

  2. The program was very slow, especially if users had a large collection of songs

  3. The program was not very robust; e.g., it would break if the lyrics sites went offline or changed their data formats

  4. Record companies were starting to sue lyrics sites and I didn't want to be involved, even though my program did not store or distribute lyrics.

The program was written in AppleScript. It no longer works, due to reason 3 above, but I could make the code available if anyone has a need for it.



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