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Sound Engineer
I am most at home behind a console. Whether for an audience of 50 or 50,000, I have mixed an extremely wide range of acts in genre and complexity and consider myself to be an extremely versatile engineer. I also have spent ample time at both ends of the snake so I am equally comfortable at FOH and Monitors (in-ear monitors). I am adept at using most all mainstream digital and analog audio gear and specialize in high-end digital console systems such as the Digico SD7 Quantum, SSL L500, and Studer Vista 5SR.
Systems Engineer
One of the favorite parts of what I do on a day to day basis is the challenge of getting my show to sound great in that day’s venue. When acting as the systems engineer on behalf of an audio company, it’s no different. I truly enjoy bringing a system into a new space and getting it to shine. I have experience deploying L’Acoustics, d&b, and JBL line arrays along with being a certified Martin MLA engineer. I’m familiar with popular systems processors such as Lake and Meyer (and processed amplifiers from d&b, L’Acoustics, and Crown) and am trained in advanced systems analysis using Smaart.

RF Coordination
In recent years, our live requirements for wireless systems has increased while our airwaves have become more and more crowded. Alongside all this has been a gradual sell-off of the airspace our production equipment operates in. On my own tours as RF needs became larger and larger, I adapted my skills to suit and became well versed in wireless coordination for typical large concert events in dense RF markets.
Digico and Other High-End Digital Console Specialist
A friend introduced me to these consoles when he turned a gig over to me that had long been a Digico tour. Since then, I have done countless shows on every model of D-series and SD-series consoles out there including managing a monitor world for a world-renowned Grammy-award winning artist that spanned across three D5s. I have a strong relationship with the manufacturer and support in both the US and UK.

Additionally, I have touring experience on other high-end digital console systems such as the SSL L500, Studer Vista 5SR, the line of Midas digital consoles, and of course Avid consoles.
Tour and Production Management
I am a generally well-organized person, so tour and production management has come naturally. I spent the beginning of my career as the combination Tour Manager/FOH Engineer and although I still TM for some clients, I have transitioned to more Production Management along with mixing.
Project Consultation
As someone who tours the nation (and the world), I have first-hand experience on what various performance spaces need to get the job done well. Too often, systems are designed and installed by people who will never use them. They spec great gear, but in many instances different gear and different implementation are required to maximize performance and a client’s budget. We’ve all watched venue owners get duped into installing gear that the vendor wants to sell, not what they necessarily need, and spending more money than is necessary. It all looked great on paper, but didn’t translate in practice. For all this, I have consulted on many different short term and long term (installation) projects, bringing my experience and expertise to a new venue.